A friendly reminder that I'm really bad at money

@luna God I wish someone would buy it from me for that price 😭

@x41 < 3K hours on record

I have that much playtime in 2 games combined jesus

@luna @x41 *what about Minecraft*
I wish I could see how many hours I wasted on it from beta to now...

@entrix @luna oh man I used to run my own server with friends...

@x41 @luna I used to have a VM on a computer in the living room that my dad set up, running a craftbukkit 1.7.3b server, I remember playing around with MCEdit and schematics.

Even though it was close to Singleplayer but it was fun... and I still had a public IPv4 address back then (ahem FRICK YOU IIISSSPPPPPP CG NAT).
At least I have a dynamic public ipv6 address now. (Still sucks tho)

I bet I "wasted" at least... 3000? 5000 hours? only on Minecraft.

@entrix @luna I regret never learning how to do circuits with Minecraft, thinking back I would have loved that shit if I understood that's how all electronics work

@x41 @luna I dunno, I personally haven't *really* done anything with electronics yet, and tbh, I have problems that need urgent fixing e.g. chronic extreme procrastination

So you know... It's funny how I just can't find the time to learn that stuff :^) No but I seriously need to procrastinate way less... this is not healthy

@entrix @luna yeah I also gotta stop procrastinating so much :/

@x41 @luna what a coincidence, I have a test tomorrow, and I'm here (instead of studying) :^^)

@entrix @luna yeah so glad I've got all that shit behind me 😩

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