wow the manjaro thing is like, really fucked up. jesus lol

While the issue doesn't affect me as I have no affiliation with the manjaro project, monetary or otherwise, it does make me quite uncomfortable to use an OS whose project leadership seems in such disarray, and that sounds like it could implode at any second

Don't really know where to move. vanilla Arch seems like too much effort, Solus doesn't provide the kind of options I would like to have, and I'm just not ready for Nixos

And that's pretty much all the major rolling (which is a must-have for me, personally) distros out there. And my computer refuses to run openSUSE for some reason, and Debian Sid is a PITA

@luna I feel like arch is about half an hour more setup than other distros are at best, if you were cool with manjaro you'd probably get a similar/identical system to what you used before pretty fast

Also I didn't see what happened tf did manjaro do lol

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