Hello I wrote myself a janky little blaseball bot that looks kinda okay plz pat me on the shoulder and say good job

Reminiscin about that fried chicken I made yesterday god that shit slapped. I should've taken more pictures than this cause when it was done it looked so good it would made the colonel weep


So anyways I've got a bunch of those shitty lg360 HMDs and now have a laptop with a real USB-C port so I decided to try hooking them up with the existing openhmd drivers someone made, but it won't work and idk how to debug that so I just rewrote the HID communication in python. That's worthless to me tho since I can't tell anything to use that as a HMD now, so I took a tiny Minecraft python port and botched that in there and voilà! It's shit!

5am: I should really go to bed. I'll just take another look at this hackthebox machine and if I don't have any ideas what to do within 3 minutes I'm just gonna leave it and go to bed yes that sounds like a good idea

9am, with rootshell:

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