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#tootorial 📚

👋 Friendly reminder that in order to enjoy content from @nocontexttrek or other meme-centric accounts you may need to check the appearance preferences depending on your mastodon instance.

Make sure to untick the "Crop images in non-expanded posts to 16x9" checkbox.

Otherwise you may find that the punchline is often cropped out of thumbnail previews on your feed.

P.S Welcome to the federation 🖖

also oof all of my old media and stuff is fucked and i don't remember the things i've posted from this account so i've set the thing that should delete toots that are older than 2 weeks and they should slowly disappear 8)

ok this should be up and running again i guess and with the big twitter exodus maybe i'll actually have a reason to regularly check in here lmao


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